3 Reasons to Celebrate a Birthday Glamping Bay of Plenty

by | May 1, 2023

Celebrate a Birthday

Although any birthday is a good excuse to celebrate! Your birthday is a day to celebrate. It’s more than just another day. From the moment you entered this beautiful world, you were born to live life to its fullest potential. So celebrate this special occasion with the one you love most!

If you are planning to celebrate a birthday with a love one, family member, or a friend, let us know as we like to make sure we acknowledge this special day. There are plenty of ways to celebrate a birthday and glamping is definitely something you should have on your bucket list. 

Celebrate a Anniversary

No matter the number of years, it’s a special moment to celebrate with your loved one. When planning your anniversary getaway, choose a date that works best with your family life and work schedule. Allow enough time to relax, unwind, and build upon the love, friendship, and trust you have for one another. Don’t despair if the day of the year is not available. What matters most is that you’re taking time to celebrate!

Celebrate a Babymoon

Your babymoon is your chance as an expecting mum-to-be to getaway and relax before your little bundle of joy arrives. Babymoons are increasingly popular for expecting parents, as it’s a major achievement for parents to bring a new life into this beautiful world. If you’re a first-time parent, or existing parent, your achievement is worth celebrating with dad-to-be before baby arrives.

These are just 3 reasons people celebrate here at Wainui Seaside Glamping. There’ are plenty of other reasons, including parents wanting time away from family and/or work, allowing them to focus only on each other and being together.

Of course, you don’t need a reason to celebrate! We love seeing guests leave happy, holding hands, with smiling faces, knowing that the time they’ve spent here has made a real difference in their relationship and outlook on life. As one of our guests quoted “you’ve touched our hearts…


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