Just Launched: Ōhiwa Harbour Cruises with Tio Ōhiwa Tours

by | Oct 23, 2023

Tio Ōhiwa Harbour Tours Just Launched

When you set out on the picturesque journey from Ōhope to Wainui Seaside Glamping, a delightful stop awaits just a stone’s throw away.

Just a kilometer down the road, on the edge of the tranquil Ohiwa Harbour, lies the local gem: Tio Ōhiwa Oyster Farm.

Established in 1968, this local gem has been a beacon of fresh, flavourful seafood for decades. Under the new ownership of Wini and Simon Geddes, the farm is set to flourish even further. With ambitious plans to double production to a staggering 2 million oysters in the next year, the farm is not just expanding its horizons and more employment opportunities, as the team grows from 4 to 14, truly embracing the spirit of community.

What makes Tio Ōhiwa Oyster Farm truly special is their dedication to bringing people together through the love of good food and good company.

You’ll find not only an abundance of fresh oysters, but also a delectable menu featuring fish and chips, burgers, toasties, and other culinary delights that will tantalise your taste buds.

Ōhiwa Harbour Cruises

But the experience doesn’t end with just savouring the scrumptious seafood. Tio Ōhiwa Harbour Tours offer a unique opportunity to delve into Ōhiwa’s rich history and its cultural significance. Embark on a cruise that promises not just scenic beauty but also a captivating exploration of the ocean’s bounty.

Discover the art of shucking oysters, a skill passed down through generations, and taste the fruits of the sea firsthand.

So, if you’re traveling from Ōhope to Wainui Seaside Glamping, make sure to pause your journey and immerse yourself in the wonders of Tio Ōhiwa Oyster Farm.

It’s not just a stop; it’s an experience—a celebration of heritage, flavours, and the joy of coming together over exceptional food.

Ōhiwa Tour Location & Tasting

  1. Port Ohope Wharf
  2. Ohakana Island
  3. Tauwhare Pā
  4. Oyster Experience
  5. Oysters & Chips

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Why Glamping in NZ should be on your bucket list:

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Most glamping locations in NZ offer either an on-grid power source, solar, or a generator. So you can charge up your phone, store food in a fridge or freezer, and turn the lights on at night so you can find your toothbrush or book to read.

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A good nights rest in a comfortable bed made with fresh, crisp and clean cotton linen. No more having to pump up an airbed or sleeping on stretchers. Bedding comforts to keep you comfortable in summer and warm in winter. Plump cushions, plentiful bedding, with crisp, clean quality linens. Ensuring guests a good nights rest.

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Peacefulness and tranquility are what guests love and something they crave to have in their busy and often chaotic lives. They’re looking to escape off grid, get away from the noise, the pressures of work and family life. It’s a chance for guests to reconnect with nature, refresh and unwind. Here at Wainui Seaside Glamping guests often comment how much they love the peacefulness, the sound of birds and the sea, the views, and just having had the chance to be at peace. Guests often comment they don’t want to leave. This is the beauty of glamping, it’s more than a location, it’s an experience!

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No more plastic plates, sharing utensils, or washing up in the bucket. When you’re Glamping you can expect many of the comforts of home. Barnie has a kitchen with a full-sized fridge and gas oven with a hob. All the pots, crockery and utensils you’ll need for cooking are provided along with some pantry basics including salt, pepper, cooking oil, coffee, tea and milk. Our Glamping Tent has a separate enclosed kitchen with bay window offering stunning views of Ohiwa Harbour and Ohope spit. Inside you’ll find a full-sized fridge and all the pots, crockery and utensils you’ll need for cooking are provided along with some pantry basics including salt, pepper, cooking oil, coffee, tea and milk. Outside is a gas ring for boiling water and cooking.

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This is a key difference between camping and Glamping. Glamping offers you the chance to have an outdoor bath or shower with hot running water, an inside toilet, be it compost, or other, that is both clean and functional. So you’re not having to bring your own paper, dig a hole, or use shared facilities. Both our Glamping Tent and Barnie have a beautiful and private outdoor bath with hot running water available to soak in under the stars. They also have an enclosed shower and toilet room with fresh white toweling meaning you don’t need to bring towels and have to worry about taking them home to clean. Another good reason to go Glamping.

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This is essential if you’re Glamping in winter. Choose somewhere with good heating and supplies to ensure you’re warm throughout your stay. Both our Glamping Tent and Barnie have an indoor fireplace available during the winter periods to keep you warm.

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It’s all here ready to enjoy nature as soon as you arrive.

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