Top things to do in Whakatane during your stay

by | Apr 8, 2022

With so much to do in the Bay of Plenty, here’s a list of the Top Things to do In Whakatane. Kayaking, Fishing, Picnicing on Ohope Beach, Kiwi Experiences and more.

3 Tips when planning the top things to do in Whakatane:

  • Plan. Get to know the area where you are travelling to and research what is near to you and what you enjoy doing.

  • Prioritise. If you only have so much time, plan events you can guarantee in all weather, offer flexibility in timing and days, and that makes you happiest.

  • Allow time. Stay 3-nights instead of 2 to allow yourselves time to unwind and relax, explore, and reflect before racing back home.


Top things to do in Whakatane during your stay

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